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FREE introductory drum lesson!

  • No obligation to continue drum lessons

  • No prior drum experience necessary

  • Professional drummers welcome

  • Lessons geared towards student's musical interest

"Whether you are a serious musician who wants to advance his or her level of music education, or looking to take drum lessons for personal pleasure, Callan Music and Drum Studio can help kids, working professionals, teens, and adults achieve their goals through personalized lessons."

Thom Callan, Owner/Instructor​

Drum Lessons


What You Need to Do Before Your Virtual Drum Lesson


Take lessons with Thom Callan from anywhere using Zoom! 

  • Download the Zoom App

  • Sign up your free Zoom account (optional)

  • Enable Original Sound on your device

Best Practices for Your Virtual Drum Lesson

  • Run Zoom from an iPad or mobile device

  • Use a stand to support your device

  • Ensure you and your drum set are visible 

  • Use Airpods or a headset with a mic

  • Confirm mic and speaker are enabled

  • Set up 5-10 minutes before your lesson

  • Make sure your drum kit area is well-lit

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All ages and experiences welcome.

By providing personal drum lessons, Thom Callan's music instruction skills provide a means for students of any age to learn how to play percussion instruments including drum kits, djembes, congas, bongos, and timbales. Drum lessons are provided weekly to provide consistency in music instruction. Music instruction consistency is key to learning any percussion instrument. Drum lessons pricing is the same for any student of any age.

Interested in personal music instruction?

Personal music instruction is provided between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. seven days a week. Contact Thom Callan today at 856-313-2820 or

Take lessons with Thom Callan in his music studio located in Maple Shade, NJ!


Beginner Drum Lessons

Beginner students learn essential basics of drumming, including how to grip the sticks, strike the drums, and position themselves behind the drum set. Students will also learn how to play a standard rock beat, basic music reading (which can be applied to any instrument), and the basic function of the drums in a musical situation. 


Intermediate Drum Lessons

Intermediate drum lessons are geared towards a student's musical interests and are based on intermediate rudiments and snare and drum set reading. Intermediate students are introduced to the Moeller technique for speed, control, power, and endurance, as well as finger control for sensitivity, speed, and touch. Lessons focus on independence and coordination.


Advanced Drum Lessons

Advanced drum lessons are geared toward the student's musical interest and incorporate advanced use of the Moeller Technique for speed, power, control, and endurance. Advanced students learn finger control for sensitivity, speed, and touch, with lessons focused on higher-level snare and drum set reading, world rhythms, and advanced rudiments.


Hand Percussion Lessons

Hand percussion lessons provide techniques that apply to various percussion instruments including congas, bongos, djembe, dumbek, casaba, and others. Hand percussion students learn how to read music for hand drumming, world rhythms, and call and response techniques. 

The highly qualified Thom Callan teaches each student at their own pace, using a wide variety of contemporary methods to teach multiple styles of musicAll students learn in a relaxed atmosphere; this is imperative to their personal growth process.        

About Thom
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​Thom has a B.S. in Music and Philosophy. In addition to being an instructor, Thom has worked with Grammy Award winning songwriters and has done national recording for Don Potter; producer of Wynonna, The Judds, NASCAR Racing, WWE Wrestling and high profile original acts. Thom has extensive touring experience performing with top Alternative, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Rock and Contemporary bands. 

Thom also arranges and composes for commercial music and sound track projects. He has taught men, women and children and the physically challenged from ages  3 to 70. Besides being a lifelong student of music, Thom is a former staff instructor at Sunset Music, has studied at Drummers Collective, and with Bernard Perdie, Jim Conway, Jay Bruno, and Dr. William Rudolph.

Thom began playing the drums at the age of 4, and turned professional at the age of 15. He has studied acting, martial arts, and is a certified personal trainer.His diverse background allows him to promote creativity and self-expression that builds confidence in his students. Thom's research and studies in human development, individual potential, creativity, and learning is what helps him convey positive motivation in his teaching. Thom has written for Modern Drummer Magazine, where he was quoted saying:

"In ensemble situation the drums should be thought of as a part of a conversation between musicians to establish a groove or musical idea. The songs intention is the most important aspect of performance. There will be times when drummers can display their skills. But they should not think of this as a monologue, it should be a dialog among musicians to create a great piece of music."

Access to percussion instruments

  • Professional drum kits

  • Congas, bongos, djembes, and dumbeks

  • Timbales, cabasas, and more!

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Callan Music and Drum Studio 2
Drum pads
Hand Percussion Instruments 2
Unique Hand Percussion Instruments

Connect with Thom today!

  • Call Thom Callan at 856-313-2820

  • Email Thom at 

  • Visit us at 219 Ruth Ave., Maple Shade, NJ

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