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Thom Callan has a reputation for providing personal percussion instruction including drum lessons and music instruction across the United States. Callan Music and Drum Studio's personal music instruction has been provided to children as young as four years of age and drum lessons for amateur music instruction, intermediate music instruction, and professional drummers. 


Thom's music instruction techniques are renowned both in the local community and on a national level. Callan Music and Drum Studios' personal music instruction includes drum lessons on a professional drum kit side-by-side with Thom in his personal music instruction studio.

Matt Robinson
Bruce Fox
Quinn Napolitano
Ted Tarter
Todd Napolitano
Jason Solak
Michael Losowski

Layton Weederman

Professional Musician

"Thom Callan was my first drum teacher and now I am a Berklee College of Music Graduate and a Professional Musician. Thanks to him, I've acquired a vast array of skills and techniques to help me be one of the best working drummers in the field."

Ralph Carthan

Professional Musician

"Thom Callan is a fantastic teacher, mentor, and friend. He has enhanced my playing ability to a new level and has helped me prepare for shows with artists such as Howard Hewett (SHAMAR), Bunny Sigler Instant Funk, and Amazing Grace Little."

Anthony Fronza

Percussion Student

"Thom Callan is amazing! I did not have intentions to ever play drums professionally, but I was initially nervous for my first lesson. But, Thom eased my mind and got me excited about playing drums for fun. And, by my second lesson, Thom had already taught me how to play a song!"

Eric Smith

Performing as Ringo Starr in Beatlemania

"Thom is a great teacher, very professional and very patient. He is always upgrading his own skills...a great teacher never stops learning himself."

Jeff Bowie


"Thom is an awesome teacher and an inspiration to me and my daughter. He relates to both my daughter and I on different levels.

Callista Bowie


"We recently moved over an hour away from Thom, but we still spend two hours on the road there and back to continue lessons with him."​

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